In December 2020 we managed to close a partnership with the Brazilian Confederation of Practical Shooting. Follow the press link: https://cbtp.org.br/novidade-cbtp-nova-pl Plataforma-de-fotos/
PICBEE’s objective is to generate job opportunities for photographers, in the face of the COVID19 crisis. Without generating any extra cost for the event.

Right after closing the partnership, we held an event for CBTP in December / 20 and we had a very good result. In addition, we have already closed the agenda for photographers to hold CBTP events until the end of the year.

Profile of the photographer who held the last event in Rio Verde/GO:


How does the partnership work?

Our proposal is to send photographers for free to ALL events, the photographer takes the photos of the event, uploads the images on our platform and the event organization helps in distributing the link of the photo albums for the shooters to buy if they like it.

For the event it is great since the organization offers an extra service to its competitors at no cost to the organization. This “personal image bank of the event” will always be available for athletes to purchase.

Reversing the risk, the photographic coverage of the event is very large, since the photographer does the best job possible to be able to sell more photos.

The PICBEE platform does not charge anything for the organization of the event or for the registered photographer. Our Startup charges 15% over the amount the customer pays in the photo. If the photo costs R $ 10 reais, the photographer’s client will pay R $ 11.50.

Gustavo Silva Sette Bicalho

Software: https://app.picbee.co/
Landpage: www.picbee.co
2D Animated Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZavCQwG3tnI


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