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The creative use of # camera angles is one of the best ways to add interest and variety to your photos. No matter which # camera or #lense you’re using (even your smartphone), you can always make more creative photos! Today we are going to exemplify 5 angles for you to further improve your knowledge. Each will add a different perspective, giving your #foto the mood or feeling you need.

📸 Bird look:

This angle is excellent for capturing all the details of a scene seen from above. This type of angle is widely used in “newborn” photography, children and products. The market where it is most used is in #food photography, this # angle will allow you to see all the details of the framed dish.

📸 High angle:

The high angle is not as extreme as the panoramic view. You just need to be a little taller than the person or thing to be photographed. Think of it from a high angle as a very normal view of the world for most adults. This style of photography is often used for children, because parents unconsciously see photos as they see their own children, and it causes a good feeling of remembrance. A high angle is useful for making your subject a little smaller or more vulnerable and perhaps making the viewer feel a little more dominant.

📸 Face to face:

The face-to-face angle is raised to eye level for your subject. This is a very engaging angle and helps to establish a personal connection between the person in your photo and the person viewing it. The angle at eye level is able to represent exactly how the subject is in real life, giving a sense of sharpness and reality in his image. Very good for portraits that want to show a drama or beauty with a lot of emotion and intensity.

📸 Low angle:

For a low angle, you need to be below eye level. And of course, when you are shorter, you make the subject of your photo look a little bigger. This can add a greater feeling to your photos and is great for emphasizing athletes or artists.

📸 Insect view:

Also known as a “bug view” this angle is exactly as it looks. You stand as close to the ground as you can and look straight up at your subject. This is a very unusual angle, so it will add an interesting and creative perspective to your photo.

As you experiment with new angles, your creativity will increase and your images will differentiate, being out of everyday perspectives.

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